Treat yourself

to a relaxing holiday at Blue Sky Hotel


Petra's Highlights

- Beach Cafes, Restaurants and Bars

- Enjoy the views from Petra's famous Landmark

- The Panagia Church (Virgin Mary Glykofilousa)

- Rent a Car and Explore the Island

- Boat trips

- Petrified Forrest in Sigri


Experience Lesvos

- Lesvos is a Gastronomes Delight (excellent fresh & delicious local food)

- Explore Molyvos Town, Molyvos Harbor & Molyvos Castle

- Open Air Cinema in Molyvos

- Hiking Trails (near Petra-Anaxos-Molivos area)

- Discover Unspoilt Beaches

- Go Bird Watching @ The Kaloni Salt Pans to see the Flamingo's

- Ouzo Tasting in Plomari

- Village train

- Hot Springs/Thermal Baths